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Expense Pouches (Ball Bags) & Ammunition Pouches

The expense pouch, or "ball bag" was common in the 1850's & 60's to carry a ready supply of ammunition. In the British army of the day, first line of 10 rounds was carried in the expense pouch and 50 rounds in the magazine in 10 round string tied packets.

There were two common Expense Pouches:


Expense Pouch Infantry Pattern 1855
Black only,


Expense Pouch Infantry Pattern 1859

Black, Brown or un-stained (Natural Buff)


Expense Pouch Infantry Pattern 1859

Whitened Buff


Expense Pouch cavalry Pattern 1878
un-stained (Natural Buff), Whitened Buff or Enameled White

Snake Belt not included

The Expense Pouch Infantry Pattern 1859 was described as "a ball-bag, carrying 10 rounds, with oil bottle and rag, to be used as an expense pouch"

Expense pouches were supplied in large numbers to the Confederate army but were not popular owing to different loading drills used and in general were returned to the arsenals to be reused.

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