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British Victorian Pattern Leatherware, Cartridge Boxes, Belts, Straps, Cap Pouches, Water Bottles.  Re-enactors Accoutrement Needs, All periods and conflicts. Hand Made & Stitched Leatherware                              

About my products.    

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I make leather accoutrements that cover the following campaigns & periods:

The Napoleonic wars, Peninsula wars, India, Waterloo,
1800 - 1840

The Crimean Campaign  1853 - 1856
The New Zealand Wars and Colonial Campaigns 1854 - 1872
The American Civil War 1861-1865

The Volunteer and Malitia Period 1870 - 1900
The South African Campaign (Boer war) 1899  - 1900
The Light Horse, Yeomanry Rifles and Cavalry 1903 - 1945
The NZ Mounted Rifles 1905 - 1945
The Great War (WW1) 1914 - 1945
Between the Wars 1919 -  1939
WWII 1939 -  1945

Repair and Refurbishment Service:

I offer a refurbishment and repair service for original accoutrements that have been neglected, butchered or just found in a barn.

I an bring back these old items back to their former glory.

*Pattern 1903 Bandoliers that have been chopped in the past for deer shooting.

Ammunition Pouches, Saddles and tack.

(New Zealand customers Only)

In association with Bromly Armaments I market Reproduction Lee Enfield  Sight Adjusting Tools and other products.

Accoutrements sets, Freight Free for orders over $500

I source quality leather from here in
New Zealand and overseas. 

All leatherwork is hand stitched giving a
quality and robust finish.


Where Possible I locate quality reproduction brass hardware, making some items that I am unable to locate.