Victorian Military Accoutrement                                NOW TAKING ORDERS

British Victorian Pattern Leatherware, Cartridge Boxes, Belts, Straps, Cap Pouches, Water Bottles.  Re-enactors Accoutrement Needs, All periods and conflicts. Hand Made & Stitched Leatherware                              

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Update. 17 May 2017

Tool (Cramp) No1 for No1 Rifle (SAT1)
Back in STOCK

Updates9 March 2017
Woodwork, SMLE MkIII & MkIII* Topwoods, In production & ready to ship

With summer coming down under, you people in the Northern Hemisphere will be starting to hunker down. Its time to review your gear for next season and get your orders placed. Although fishing takes up quite a bit of time over the summer, I still have time for leather work.

Updates. Updated: 21 February 2017
Woodwork, SMLE Topwoods, some alterations on availability and prices. 

Postage, Postage price notification for Sight Adjusting Tools.

Cap Pouches, Postage price notification Cap Pouches and all standard pricing.

Updated: 21 February 2017   Some price alterations.
Lee Enfields
. Americans have now realised that Lee Enfields are collectable. Once they, and the parts were "a dime a dozen", but not so now.
In the seventies, we here in New Zealand sold thousands of surplus Lee Enfields, STEN's  and parts to Century Arms, in the eighties it was the Sterling SMG's and L1A1'S.

I am asked every day to supply Lee Enfield parts and woods. I no longer stock Lee Enfield parts with the exception of SMLE Top Woods, which I manufacture. These I make by hand, a time consuming work.

Starting at just US$45.00 each

Water Bottles. Just released, an identification book on British Commonwealth water bottles. the blue ones that every one has one.
People, they are not the same. This new book, 60 photos & illustrations, 36 pages, all you need to know to collect the iconic "Cobalt Blue" army water bottle from the1895 Boer war water bottle to post WWII. All countries, UK, Canada, NZ, India and Australia. They all had them.
I see these water bottles posted on Ebay all the time, miss quoted and wrongly identified. MkVII, WWII quoted as being MkVI, WWI. Find out where yours came from! Collect the rest. It's all here. Now a revised edition, four mor pages and lots more images.

Book review here.    Only US$28.00 including postage world wide