Victorian Military Accoutrement                                NOW TAKING ORDERS

British Victorian Pattern Leatherware, Cartridge Boxes, Belts, Straps, Cap Pouches, Water Bottles.  Re-enactors Accoutrement Needs, All periods and conflicts. Hand Made & Stitched Leatherware                              

 Tools will no longer be posted to Australia unless by Courier
Australian orders must be placed on :


 This has had to be done owing to the fact that NZ Post have no tracking on small parcels and the unreliability of Australia Post
If you wish any item to be sent by Courier and tracked, Please Email me.



Tool (Cramp) No1 for No1 Rifle (SAT1)



SMLE No1 MkII, MKIII, MkIII*, No2 MkIV, 2A, 2A1 and all variations

These tools come in only one variation, must remove the nosecap to use;

Sight Adjustment of one quarter turn is approximately 1/4 inch at 100 yards. One full turn = 1" or 1 MOA +/- at 100 yds.

Cost plus Postage & Packaging:

to see postage Rates

The Postage & Packaging Content is:
USA, Rest of the world except Australia, US13.00 
Australia, Rebel Gun Works, Brisbane
New Zealand, NZ$3.00

For other sight adjusting tools

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