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British Victorian Pattern Leatherware, Cartridge Boxes, Belts, Straps, Cap Pouches, Water Bottles.  Re-enactors Accoutrement Needs, All periods and conflicts. Hand Made & Stitched Leatherware                              


Tool (Cramp) No2 for No3 Rifle Enfield P13/P14  (SAT2)


Enfield P13, P14 Mk1 & Mk!*
(NOTE: WILL NOT FIT US M17  Use US M17 tool Click Here)
British Production
Milled from bar stock, not folded like the No3 tool for the No4 Rifle.

Fabricated similar to Tool No3 (No4 Rifle)

Cost plus Postage & Packaging:


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Postage & Packaging:

Worldwide except Australia US$13.00

Australia US$7.00

New Zealand US$3.00

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