Victorian Military Accoutrement                                NOW TAKING ORDERS

British Victorian Pattern Leatherware, Cartridge Boxes, Belts, Straps, Cap Pouches, Water Bottles.  Re-enactors Accoutrement Needs, All periods and conflicts. Hand Made & Stitched Leatherware                              

Berdan De-primers/De-capping machines  (BRD1)

      Hydraulic Berdan Deprimer for depriming military brass.  Military Brass, .303 and 7.62mm can be reloaded, but shooters still throw it away.
    You don't need to, reprime it and use it again. Military brass is the best     there is available. If you are paying over $1.00 per case for flimsy     commercial brass and have that military brass languishing under the     reloading bench, then buy a Bromley Arms Berdan Deprimer and reload it.!     Save Dollars!
 A brand new Bromley Arms manufactured Hydraulic Berdan de-capping tool for decapping military Berdan crimped brass. Far easier to use than the Lyman tool with the ability to deprime over 100 cases per hour.
    The Bromley Arms decapper can deprime both .303 British and 7.62mm brass. Also has the potential to deprime other calibres.
    The Bromley Arms decapper is precision made to the highest engineering standards with all new materials.


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Est. US$75 - $100

I have used this method for years with great cost savings on both .303 and 7.62mm reloading, saving many dollars reloading salvaged brass. I have recently been making 7.62mm service rifle fodder for as little as$0.65 per round and .303 for $0.61 per round using Barnaul Projectiles. You can often buy cheaper projectiles on Ebay. Buy the Bromley Arms Berdan De-primer and I will give you the info on where I get my components. The Bromley Arms Berdan De-primer comes with instructions to use and YouTube video details. Using No126 Primers for .303, and Nato Primers for Australian 7.62mm L2A2 and F4 Cases as well as South African R1M1, and PMP .303 Mk8 Cases. Can also be used to de-prime boxer primed cases